How can a blog help my business?

you can think of a blog as an online journal, a place to share your knowledge on subjects related to your business, create links to useful information, and post news and other announcements about your business. You can use a blog to give a personal face and voice to your business, and create a useful resource for your customers so they will want to revisit often. Blogs can also help you build your professional reputation and gain your customers’ trust.

for it to be effective you will want to add a post when you come across questions or solutions to situations your customers may find useful. i always recommend adding a post to your blog at least once each week as long as it is relevant and useful: Keeping your content fresh will help show your readers that you’re serious about your business. Your posts don’t have to be long, but you’ll want to keep them interesting with up-to-date news, facts and figures, commentary, and other useful information. Make a schedule for yourself, and dedicate time each week for brainstorming, researching article ideas, and writing your posts.

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