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Sean Conway

My Name is Sean M. Conway and my goal is to help you with your decision to create or refresh your presence on the Internet. I have worked in Internet design and development for over 15 years. I have designed custom solutions others said could not be done. I have implemented e-commerce solutions offering 1 product to over 100,000 items. I have also assembled membership sites for national organizations.

The Biggest question i am posed is, “can i get a cheap website?” After finally understanding “cheap website” was a pseudonym for affordable it dawned on me there was a need for a modern looking (Web 2.0), affordable website package and most of all functional website a small business owner could implement without spending a fortune. I decided to find a solution meeting a few requirements.

  1. It must be an easy to manage website a business owner would be able to update as much or as little as they want. Allowing the website owner to make their own changes can greatly reduce cost not to mention bringing a personal touch no web developer could bring to your site.
  2. It must be scalable to grow with the business owners needs.
  3. It must be visually appealing and have the ability to easily update or refresh the look of the website.
  4. It must have a quick learning curve so the business owner can manage the site.
  5. And Obviously it must be affordable, not a cheap website, but an affordable website.