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How to optimize images for better ranking.

Images are the most over looked area where you can improve your sites optimization. Take a look and see how many images you have on your site where the image name is DSCXXXXX.jpg. Try to give the image a relevant name to the picture and article or product, for example if you are adding an image of a Casio G Shock on your site rename the image to something meaningful. Lets say the product is a Casio G Shock, model number AW582CC-3A and the image name currently is DSC00002.jpg. I would recommend renaming the image to Casio-G-Shock-AW582CC-3A.jpg using a “-” between the words, a hyphen or dash is interpreted by search engines as a space, do not use an underscore “_”.

Next be sure to use the alt tag, this tag gives you additional keywords to describe the image as well as making it relevant to the content. the alt tag for this image would be “Casio G Shock AW582CC-3A”.

Lastly is the title tag. Use and value of this tag as it relates to SEO varies but according to the google gods, the title tag has value if the image is also a link and it should be used to describe the link. it also is where the “tool Tip” or popup comes from when you hover over an image.

lets look at 2 versions

<img src="" alt="">
<img title="Purchase a Casio G-Shock AW582CC-3A from WatchTrendz" src="" alt="Casio G-Shock AW582CC-3A">
Unoptimized Code Optimized Code
Casio G-Shock AW582CC-3A
Resulting Unoptimized Image Resulting Optimized Image

Hopefully this gives you some ideas on how to optimize the images on your website